Lead Ingots For Sale

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Lead Ingots For Sale Price

Al (Min): Pb 99.994%
Color: Silver White
Lead ingots are divided into large ingots and small ingots.
Inspectioon: SGS


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Lead Ingots For Sale Price

Lead Ingot
Pb 99.994%
11.34g / cm 3
Standard Sea-worthy package , fixed by belt
·Provides excellent resistance in heat,cold,chemical.
·Silicone Rubber Insulation.
·Heat Resistant,for internal wiring of appliances.
Container Size
20Gp – 2.352(width) *2.385 ( Height ) * 5.90 ( Inside length ) Meter
40Gp – 2.352(width) *2.385 ( Height ) * 11.8 ( Inside length ) Meter
40HQ – 2.352(width) *2.69 ( Width ) * 5.90 ( Inside length ) Meter
Export Region
America , Canada ,Japan , England , Saudi Arab , India , Singapore , Korea , Australia , Brazil , Argentina , Mexico , Russia ,
Turkey , Greece , France , Germany , Spain

Lead Ingots for Sale

Lead ingots are blocks of lead that have been cast into a specific shape for ease of handling and transportation. These ingots can be manufactured to required purity levels or as alloys of lead with other metals, depending on their intended use. Lead ingots are commonly used in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive, and battery manufacturing. These versatile blocks of lead have a wide range of uses due to their unique properties, making them a valuable commodity in the global market.

Lead Ingots for Sale Near Me

One of the most common uses of lead ingots is in the production of batteries. Lead-acid batteries are widely used in vehicles, backup power systems, and other applications due to their reliability and low cost. Lead ingots are also used in the construction industry for roofing, flashing, and soundproofing due to their high density and malleability. In addition, lead ingots are used in the production of radiation shielding materials, ammunition, and fishing weights. The versatility of lead ingots makes them a valuable commodity in many different industries.

Lead Ingots 99.9% Pure

Using lead has several advantages over other materials. Lead is a highly durable and long-lasting material, making it an ideal choice for applications that require resistance to corrosion and wear. Additionally, lead has a low melting point, making it easy to cast and mold into the desired shape. Lead is also an abundant and relatively inexpensive material, making it an attractive choice for many manufacturers. The price of lead ingots varies depending on the purity level, with higher purity levels commanding a higher price. Despite some concerns about the environmental impact of lead, the demand for lead ingots remains high due to their unique properties and versatility.

Where To Buy Lead Ingots

The price of lead ingots is influenced by various factors, including market demand and supply. When the demand for lead is high, the price tends to increase, while a decrease in demand can lead to a lower price. The availability and accessibility of lead also play a significant role in determining the price. For instance, if the supply of lead ingots is limited, the price is likely to be higher. On the other hand, if lead ingots are readily available, the price may be lower.

Price Of Lead Per Pound

The quality and purity of lead ingots is another crucial factor that affects their price. Higher quality and purity ingots are typically more expensive than those of lower quality. The purity of lead ingots is measured in terms of percentage, with higher percentages indicating greater purity. Factors that can affect the purity of lead ingots include the source of the lead, the manufacturing process, and the presence of impurities. Lead ingots with a higher level of purity are often preferred for use in sensitive applications, such as in the production of medical equipment.

Lead Scrap Price

The price of lead can also vary depending on the supplier and the specific type of lead ingots. Some suppliers may offer lead ingots at a lower price than others, depending on factors such as their production costs and overhead expenses. The type of lead can also impact the price, with different alloys and grades of lead ingots having varying prices. For instance, lead ingots that are made from recycled materials may be less expensive than those made from virgin materials. Additionally, the size and weight of lead ingots can also affect their price, with larger or heavier ingots typically being more expensive.

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  1. Mike Carter

    I was pleasantly surprised by the purity and consistency of the lead ingots we received. The material is easy to work with, and the delivery was quick. A reliable source for lead ingots and scraps, indeed!

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